Charvil Community Tennis Club - Announcement

21st MAY UPDATE - CPC are opening the tennis courts. However, in order to comply with the 2 m social distancing rule, they are only allowing one court to be in use at any time. <<<Coronavirus (COVID-10) Update and Annoucement>>>



The many benefits of playing tennis are well documented, but the sheer fun of playing tennis is something you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate.

More than just being good for your heart, tennis is a sport you can put your heart into. It is a sport in which you can meet people, make new friends, involve your family and connect with them for life.

It is, after all, a sport that can be enjoyed by every age and every ability level. You're never too old, never too young.

Why join?

Whether you'd like to get back into playing competitively or just have some fun and meet new people, then CCTC is for you.

Playing tennis on a regular basis can help maintain or improve balance, mobility, agility, strength and fitness. It also helps burn calories.

Our two high quality practice walls are great for practicing, forehands, backhands, volleys, serve and return of serve.

You could focus on grooving one shot or hitting shots in combination. You could even play "Squash Tennis" against a partner!

Send us an email to; enquieries @ charvilcommunitytennis .org .uk

Fun for all the Family

One of the greatest aspects of tennis is that playing it can be fun. True, it can be challenging, especially if you're just learning, but it also is a sport in which lessons, practice and persistence pay off quickly.

Tennis offers a great diversion from life's stresses as well as a great opportunity to socialize, particularly if you join a local tennis league or club or frequent public courts.

Tennis is invigorating, and, once you get the hang of it, tremendously satisfying. It also makes a great family activity.

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